Landscape at dusk

It’s easy to get stuck in indecision. Easy to defer your decisions until you have talked to someone else, consulted with a professional, asked ten friends what you should do…and then, even after all those consults, you do…nothing. No movement. No decision. No change.

Zip. Nada. Nothing.

When we get stuck, it’s easy to stay stuck. In fact, it’s more comfortable to stay stuck than it is to take a step. This is a principle in physics…an object in motion tends to stay in motion; and an object at rest tends to stay at rest. It’s the same with us. When we are in motion, we tend to stay in motion. And when we are at rest we tend to stay at rest. This includes our bodies and our brains.

There comes a time when it’s wise to just trust yourself and the process. There is a time and a place to pivot. No matter how hard that first step is, once you take it, the next step will be easier. Because now you are in motion….

There is wisdom in seeking counsel, yes. And…in the end, it is YOU who can make the best decision for YOU. That’s your job. Your job is to listen to your own inner wisdom, to that still small voice in your soul and spirit…and know that you know.

And, when you don’t know…what if you did? What if you knew? What would the answer be then? Listen carefully to your answer. Know that you know. Because you do know. Trust it. One step at a time.

Once you move forward, the process starts again…yes, there are steps in the process. But the key is in knowing that you know. Once you have applied your wisdom and discernment to whatever counsel you have sought, to your own thoughts, your own prayers (if you pray) and the answers you have received, it’s time to know. To know that you know. Either you like the result and you take the next step…or, if you don’t like the result, it’s time to recalibrate…but you are in motion and thus the next motion will be easier.

Don’t let indecision win. Trust your own wisdom and discernment. Know that you know.

Let’s get to it!!