River by trees

Have you ever had a great idea? Something you knew was truly meaningful and important? And… you… sat… on… it…. Days went by. Weeks. Months. Years. And. Nothing. Has. Changed. Great idea still in your head. Not one ounce of movement.

When we come up with a great idea, the longer we sit on it, the less likely we are to act on it. And this is true for the little things in life as well as the big ones.

Think about the phone calls you wanted to make and never did. What about that thank you note you never wrote? How about the simple bouquet of flowers you want to bring home to surprise your sweetheart and you never once have actually done it? Lunch dates? Inviting people over? Going through that box of old mail that just sits gathering dust…but maybe there is something important in there…so you “can’t” throw it out, and yet you never touch it?

Energy drains. All these little things take a piece of you. The pieces add up.

It’s time. Do. It. Now. Start small. But do it. Something. One thing. Literally right now. One thing. You pick.