Fall leaves on tree by mountain

You are on a path. It’s your journey and you get to take it. It can be tempting to turn over the navigation to someone else. Or believe you never had it in the first place. But it’s yours. Your thoughts and feelings are in no way out of your hands.

As you chart your course, where is your compass? Is it packed away and you are not even sure where it is? Or is it tucked away in a drawer…you know where it is, but you haven’t looked at it in a long time? Or do you pull it out from time to time, and actually check your direction? In 2020, as I write this, the only compass I use anymore is on my iPhone. And, I have used it as recently as last month. I have a good sense of direction. I know east, west, north and south, usually no matter where I am. But even though I know essentially where I am, some question will cross my mind and I will pull out the compass—yes on my phone—to seek an answer to my own question.

Often, I am looking at a night sky when these questions pop into my mind. Times when it is clear, dark and quiet. Times when I can hear sounds of nature that are often overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of the sounds of everyday life. But in these quiet moments, I am reminded to listen. To breathe. To take a moment to wonder about the bigger questions in life. My life.

Usually in these pondering moments, I can see a bit of recalibration is in order. Sometimes it’s a big recalibration. Other times it’s just a degree or two to further refine the direction I choose to go. At all times, the choices are mine.  Using my own inner wisdom and intuition, I will make a choice, compass still in my hand.

This is both a metaphor and an actual reality in my life.  I do use the compass on my iPhone. And usually it is when I am in one of those sacred moments of listening to the quiet.  And, metaphorically, I also use the compass of my wisdom and intuition, also in the still and quiet, to make important choices and decisions.

What I know is there is a course to my life. And I am the one who charts it. It both starts and ends with me.  And, in your life, the thoughts you think and the decisions you make as you chart your course start and end with you.  When is the last time you looked at your compass? Maybe it’s time….