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In addition to being a Life Coach, as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and also the Director and Clinical Director of a non-profit mental health agency, I have specialized in the dynamics of relationships for almost 25 years. I work with individuals, families, couples, parents (biological, foster and adoptive), business and work relationships…any relationship dynamic where this is conflict, misunderstanding and miscommunication.

I work with people who feel stuck in their relationship. People who are confused about how to move forward, how to fix what is broken, and people who are not even sure they want to continue with their relationship.

And I am a fellow human on this planet doing my best to show up in a mindful and engaged way in my own relationships. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it’s hard. I am not immune from struggles, confusions, miscommunications and misunderstandings just because I am a professional who has spent an entire career specializing in this area.

Aside from enjoying all aspects of human dynamics, swimming in the ocean is my favorite thing to do. Feeling the glide of the water on my skin, swimming with a mask and snorkel on so I can see what is below the surface, a guest among the myriad of sea life, feeling the warmth of the sun above, embracing it all….

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